Dear Participants and Friends,

It is with great disappointment and sadness that we announce the cancellation of this year’s Heart of The Lakes Triathlon 2022.

Please know that since the end of last year’s HOLT #35, we have been hard at work planning for this year’s event. While by many standards, we considered last year’s event to be one of our finest ever, unfortunately it was one where we were unable to be profitable. Despite that, with some cash reserves, we were able to make donations exceeding $14,000 back to our community, however that reserve has now been depleted. And it has required our organization to rethink our stated purpose : “to give back to our community”. Unfortunately with race registrations continuing to decline, and facing supply chain challenges, and inflation on ordering items such as t-shirts and awards, the difficult, but obvious choice for the race committee was to cancel our event going forward.

TempoEvents will begin issuing credit card refunds on Tuesday May 31st to all individuals who were registrants beginning January 26th thru May 25th when we closed registration. For those registered January 1st – 25th, HOLT will be issuing individual checks by mail, beginning June 1st, with a completion date anticipated as of June 8th.

From everyone associated with HOLT, we wish you the best in your multi-sport and triathlon endeavors in the days and years to come. It has been a great privilege and honor to share with you some fabulous memories over the years, with an event that remarkably shared its first success on the same day that Greg Lemond became the first American to win the Tour de France! We encourage you to support races and events in the Upper Midwest, and also to stay connected with our great friend Jerry MacNeil at Minnesota Tri News.

If you did one triathlon, or many in Annandale, how much fun was that??!!

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Race Director Jeff Holmberg at :