HOLT welcomes visitors and spectators to this great event. After the race make your way to the awards area. The City Park offers plenty of room to relax and visit. Bring a picnic or have lunch at one of Annandale’s many restaurants. Enjoy the day! Please be courteous to everyone present and observer the following reminders:

    • Please do not bring pets into the park commons.
    • Be courteous to all participants by remaining out of the finish line approach areas and the recovery area. (See map below.)

  • If you must cross the finish line approach run, please look for triathletes and wait for them to pass by before proceeding!
  • There is a designated photo-op area on the west side (left) of the recovery area.
  • Only triathletes are allowed in the recovery area.

Volunteer Info: If you would like to help out with this great event, volunteers are welcome! Please email us, or find out more details here.